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Russia Says That America Is Using Morgan Freeman To Turn People Against Them

Morgan Freeman's voice is such a powerful tool of narration that apparently even the Russian government is thinking about it.


Spokeswoman for Russia's foreign ministry Maria Zakharova claims that the United States duped Morgan Freeman into taking part in a video that urges Americans to fight against Moscow's influence in US politics.

Yes, Morgan Freeman has just become a notable figure in the Russia probe. And you thought 2016 was weird.

She wrote about it in a Facebook post that was translated by Tass News.

"Morgan Freeman has been roped in, just like Colin Powell was. I believe this is another story about the end justifying the means. However, we will know who is behind this story sooner than we knew about the true contents of the infamous test tube."

If you want to understand what Zarkhova is referring to, she's comparing Morgan Freeman's involvement in a video that condemns foreign involvement in another country's elections, to the Bush administration duping Powell into showing off evidence for the US to invade Iraq back in 2003.

Zarkhova's comments come shortly after the Committee to Investigate Russia was formed, which urges Americans, including Donald Trump, to view Russia's involvement in our election as an attack.

The video, which can be seen below, is rooted in some fact: a declassified report does reveal that Putin ordered an online influence campaign to ensure Trump won the white house.

But keep talking about Hillary's emails and Benghazi. (h/t the hill)