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21 Houses That Really Get Into The Spirit Of Halloween

Decorations are like costumes, but for houses. 

Think about it. It's October 31st. You're about to go out in some scary costume and have a good time. Of course your house is going to get jealous. So what do you do? You can't take your house with you, obviously, but you can give it its own scary costume. That's something.

At least I hope that is what's happening. I hope all of these decorations are just costumes and not what the house truly looks like. 

1. How old? Ye olde.
Halloween Decorations from halloween
2. I think you have something on your roof.
Finally started my decorations. Happy Halloween🎃 from halloween
3. The scariest inflatable tube man.
I pride myself on being known as "the Halloween house" of the neighborhood. More decorations to come... from halloween
4. Where's the rest of him?
I put a 'just add water and watch it grow' zombie head in a jar with green food coloring to make this cool decoration. "Show me what you got!" from halloween
5. How do you expect your dog to sleep at night?
Finally got my Halloween decorations up this weekend & my dog was heckin spooked from halloween
6. Is your mom Stanly Kubrick?
My moms decorations for Halloween this year, she doesn’t understand how awesome it is. from halloween
7. Well, this seems ominous.
Tide + blacklight + MacBeth = my favorite outdoor Halloween decoration. from halloween
8. Where are they off to?
I put up some decorations today. I am really digging how it turned out!
9. Yeah, I wouldn't go in there.
Homemade decorations for our apartment's front door from halloween
10. Watch where you're going, idiot?
I always wanted one of those "Crashing Witch" decorations as a kid. I made my own yesterday for under $10. Let me know what you think! 😊 from halloween
11. Yum!
Best Halloween Dinner Party Decoration I ever did see (courtesy of 106.9 The Eagle)
12. Don't go near it.
My sister's Halloween decoration. Screw you, sister. Screw you from halloween
13. A modern classic.
Decorations are up! from halloween
14. Surprisingly spooky.
Fun and Easy Halloween Decoration. Just put a glowstick inside a white balloon..
15. A Halloween Surprise.
When you live in an Apt. you have to decorate indoors. I left this decoration for my girlfriend to find in the bathroom. Hope she likes it. from halloween
16. I hope these stay up all year round.
Behold these amazing decorations! Ghostbuster's themed house in Milwaukee, WI. from halloween
17. There's a very spooky rave happening inside..
Decorations are done!
18. It belongs in a museum!
My neighbors Halloween decorations from halloween
19. You're doing Tim Burton proud.
The Nightmare Before Christmas decorations - 2016 from halloween
20. You know what? I can hold it.
In love with my new bathroom decorations
21. You do not wan to see their basement.
Finished up my first decoration of 2017. from halloween