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20 Of The World's Ugliest Hanukkah Sweaters

5 months ago

I grew up in a household that celebrated Hanukkah and I always felt like it didn't quite have the pageantry of Christmas. There was no tree, or mystical fat man, or ugly sweaters. That last one hurt more than anything. 

I mean, how great would it be to wear an ugly sweater once a year? Could you even imagine the sheer joy that would create? Alas, one can dream. One can dream.

And dream people did! They created equally ugly sweaters for the Festival of Lights. Tonight's the first night of Hanukkah, so order now and get it in time for the eighth night. 

1. And to you as well.
2. Oh! I get it.
3. That it is.
4. Yum!
5. He looks like he is having a good time.
6. It is what Jim would have wanted.
7. Reindeer don't discriminate.
8. Who rolls a dreidel? You're supposed to spin it!!
9. Christmas light on a Hanukkah Sweater? I'm interested!
10. Dreidels are fun and have fun.
11. It's never too early to look good.
12. Its a pun.
13. This is also a pun but with a different animal.
14. Who knew Jew was a verb?
15. A little over the top, but that's the point, right?
16. You know, like in that song.
17. Who says cats can't join in on the fun?
18. Hmm.
19. Tis the reason for the season.
20. Keeping it simple.