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Guy's Unintentionally Naughty Christmas Card Sparks Hilarious Twitter Thread

4 months ago

It's always nice to receive well wishes from family members during the holiday season.

Even nicer is when they take the time to send you a handwritten card from them.

Because they contain hidden joys, such as hilarious spelling errors that you can share online for everyone with a social media account to see. Which is precisely what Rob Cook did with this unintentionally raunchy letter he received from his family for Christmas and New Year's.

Ahh, the joys of cursive, helping people mistake "work" for "wank" since the 1700s.

Not only did people love Rob's tweet...

...but they started sharing embarrassing handwritten cards of their own.

That sounds like an, err...rigorous retirement activity.

And as it turns out, Rob's family isn't the only one that suffered from the work/wank conundrum.

But after seeing this text from Rob's family, it turns out that the mistake wasn't actually a mistake at all.

Hey, at least he's got family writing him letters for the holidays, right?