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Twitter Takes A Look Back At The Most Savage Parents At 2017—And We're In Awe

4 months ago

There's no one who can roast you better than your parents.

They know all of your deepest, darkest secrets. They wiped your butt when you were a kid, they've amassed a lifetime of roasting material on you and should they choose to act on any of it, they could end you in a heartbeat.

Most of the times, parents are way to benevolent to embarrass their children beyond belief. But when they're not so kind, amazing things happen. Well, it's amazing for everyone except their humiliated kids.

Like these parents who gifted custom bottles of wine that had their son's face plastered on them with a simple and direct message.

And this mom who started getting dates at her daughter's college football team on the day of orientation.

This dad who decided to accompany her daughter to her first college class and update the rest of their family.

This mom who uses text-to-speech and doesn't care if you hear her very tame road rage language.

This dad who trolled his daughter after taking away her phone. This takes savagery to a whole other level.

This dad who managed to have a stronger selfie game than his kids by taking photos with just a regular old cube.

These parents who decided that the best way to celebrate Christmas was with their son's mugshot.

This mom who was just tired with the way her children speak.

This dad who decided to finally cut the umbilical cord. 

And this dad who thought his kid's taste in memes was questionable.

This dad who filmed the wrong girl walking down the aisle during graduation.

This mom who's not really impressed about the famous sports stars her son's meeting.

And this mom who met some famous people of her own.

This mom who doesn't have time to know what the family dog looks like.

Oh and then there was the time Kendrick Lamar's mother flexed a stronger emoji game than her son.

I couldn't be embarrassed by that one too be honest. Incredible.