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People Are Discovering Their Classic Art Doppelgängers And It Is Eerily Accurate

People Are Discovering Their Classic Art Doppelgängers And It Is Eerily Accurate
4 months ago

There's an overwhelming amount of evidence that strongly suggests Keanu Reeves is immortal.

First, there's the fact that the man clearly doesn't age. Like, at all.

Now you might notice in addition to photographs of the man, there are some classic paintings in that little timeline, and that's because, well, there are some too-similar-to-be-a-coincidence classical portraits that are undeniably Keanu.

Now all of us might not be as lucky as Mr. Reeves to have found the fountain of youth and life for all eternity, however, thanks to the Google Arts and Culture App, people can find their own classical painting doppelgängers.

So you might not live forever, but you can at least make a strong case for reincarnation. Some of these are really, really spot on.

Thanks to Google's face matching software, we can ascertain that reincarnation doesn't restrict you to a single gender.

Nor does it care how you're looking at the camera; it'll still find your match.

Now some people are in denial about how much they look like their doppelgängers.

Nose rings are the modern day wispy mustaches, I guess.

Even if your old school double has a penchant for wearing headscarves and you don't... It will match you.

Sometimes it'll match you with psychedelic versions of pop culture icons.

And sometimes, the app lets you have a glimpse into the future.

Even if you try to trip it up with making faces, it will peg you down.

OK, so maybe it isn't so good at picking out the exact faces, but it will capture your general aura.

Now it does give you a match percentage to let you know how close it got, but don't let that number fool you.

Rest assured that whatever Google picks for you, is spot on.

There's no question about it in my mind.

You can try and escape your match as much as you'd like... Pose differently, change up the lighting, but it just won't work.

It can even nail down your ethnicity, while others fail miserably.

I can't wait to try it out on me.

And even if you think you've been "done dirty"...

Or "bullied"...

Don't take it out the app, it's only doing its duty.

And whatever you do, don't fudge the results or make a mockery out of the process, like these people did.

It's a sacred process.