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31 People Who Definitely Won Their Prank Wars

A good-natured prank war between friends is one of those rare joys in life where you get to be as crazy as you want for the sole purpose of making someone laugh.

Sure, it's usually at their expense, and you humiliate them beyond belief, but it's all in good fun, because it's just a prank, right?

That being said, if you ever find yourself in a battle of wits with any of these pranksters then you better bring your A-game, because they go hard.

Commissioning a gross portrait of your friend and selling it at a charity auction.
How to win a prank war. My friend snuck a heinous portrait of me into a charity auction that I was attending. Sold for $200. from r/funny
The brother who painted his sibling's room entirely pink.
My brother and I are in a bit of a prank war
These housemates who got creative in decorating each other's rooms.
Some friends of mine are currently engaged in a housemate prank war
How did they even...?
So we have a prank war going on with another Firehouse down the road. I think they won. from r/funny
They've been cage-ified.
Cups on cups on cups on cups.
1,350 cups and 200 gallons of water later, I think my buddy won his prank war. from r/funny
This guy's daughter is not playing games.
My daughter wanted to have a prank war one night, thankfully I turned on the light before jumping into bed... from r/funny
Playing with degrees.
A prank war started at work. from r/funny
First date's first impression.
My buddy started a prank war with me, his date tonight found this on his passenger door from r/funny
Gotta make office life exciting somehow.
Our Exec and sous pretended to get into a fight, throwing stuff around and almost fighting, starting a prank war. Today we got them back. from r/KitchenConfidential
Joke's on you because I love cats.
My coworkers are in a prank war from r/funny
People really have a thing for cups.
In the middle of a prank war with my buddy. Just as I finished the "water in the cups" prank, this was on his door. He comes home thursday....
This is just too mean.
We're having a prank war at my house. .. from r/funny
Always bet on Cage.
Last day at my job. Trolled the office with Cage. Leaving with a prank war win. from r/funny
Foiled again!
Foil her office: The prank war continues. from r/pics
Spiders are just crossing the line.
My T. stirmi molted and I couldn't help but have a little fun. Scared the hell out of my girlfriend until she realized what it was. I may have just started a prank war. from r/spiders
Camp Anawanna doesn't play games.
One of the other camp counselors started a prank war, and this is where it got them from r/pranks
What a waste of a perfectly good dessert.
Now we play the waiting game
It started with saran wrap on a car and then...
The Prank War
This epic product of the Yale-Harvard rivalry.
TIL of Yale's Stadium Prank in which Yale students disguised themselves as a Harvard pep-squad and tricked Harvard fans into holding up placards spelling 'WE SUCK' at their own football game. from r/todayilearned
This war was over before it began.
HMC while I prank the guy working the drive-thru window from r/holdmycosmo
Got her.
Sibling Prank. from r/gifs
This guy's got the support of his local law enforcement if he ever wants to wage a full-on prank war.
Policeman loves prank from r/funny
Such a scaredy cat.
Some pranks are universal from r/funny
This guy who wired his friend's car's horn to its brakes.
Man pranks his friend by wiring the horn to the brakes... from r/videos
This glass bridge heartlessness.
Glass bridge prank from r/gifs
If I had a penny for every time someone pranked me...
Penny Prank from r/funny
I don't know who's crazier, the man who orchestrated this, or the guy who crawled under the tiger.
Average prank from r/ANormalDayInRussia
This decades-old senior prank.
A local H.S. Principal just solved a mysterious senior prank from a decade ago... from r/funny
This absolutely evil professor.
Professor pranks students from r/funny
This unbearably good prank.
Guy Dresses Up in a Bear Costume to Prank Co-Worker from r/funny

These all warm my heart.