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Toilets That Will Make You Think You Don't Actually Need To Go That Badly

Toilets That Will Make You Think You Don't Actually Need To Go That Badly
Updated 4 weeks ago

How badly do you need to use the bathroom? Because we have some options, but you might want to wait until you get home.

Even though using the toilet is a traditionally private activity, the world is still littered with designs that will make you questions your own intimacy limits. And the limits of your bladder.

Twitter user @Miss_Powerhouse recently dragged all the best examples out in an epic Twitter thread that shows all the extreme circumstances you might be driven to after a little too much sweet tea.

When stairs aren't an issue:

When you want to keep an eye on the dishwasher cycle:

When you can't be away from the TV:

When you're spoiled for choice:

Honestly, can't see the purpose of this at all:

Frightened by the allure of this much comfort:

When you can't take a break from the staring contest for a second:

When you're up for review:

When you're perhaps making *too much* out of a small space:

When at least there's a view...of you on the toilet:

When you're afraid to leave the waiting room because they might call your name:

When you're a freaking contortionist:

But this is not a new idea. Weird toilets have company:

Or they keep everyone out:

This is for when you need the literal feces scared out of you:

This one shows that there are lifehackers in every industry:

I may never drink water away from home ever again.