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Stephen Colbert Just Eviscerated Eric Trump And Compared Him To Voldemort

11 months ago

These days, Stephen Colbert's satire revolves mainly around everybody's favorite topic: President Donald Trump.

However, today, he took a break and decided to chat about something else: the President's son, Eric Trump.

He also had a few new names for Eric Trump, including: "Odo from Deep Space 9."

Colbert's focus was the Forbes Report that the Eric Trump foundation funneled money out of its charitable causes, including proceeds to go to St. Jude's Hospital for kids with cancer.

However, Colbert concedes it's not just Eric Trump's fault, citing Donald Trump's refusal to allow his own son to use a Trump golf course  for free.

"Everybody gets billed is also the Republicans' replacement for Obamacare."

Finally, Colbert responded to Eric Trump's indignant tweet from Tuesday:

"Today? I found out about sick kids being ripped off by Voldemort with hair."