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Sarah Silverman Shares Photo Of Trump All Alone At G20 Conference And The Internet Is Cackling

10 months ago

A pointed observation on Twitter by Sarah Silverman about Donald Trump and other world leaders had Twitter very amused.

When the heads of the most powerful countries in the world see zero value in talking to the POTUS— Sarah Silverman (@SarahKSilverman) July 8, 2017

Sarah sparked a slew of hilarious responses to the image by Twitter users.

I rarely actually LOL when I use LOL but I really LOL'd at that...
— Catastrophany (@Catastrophany) July 8, 2017
— 角 ʝ⋂ 角 (@popheniaDefined) July 8, 2017
except putin!!!
— David Cunningham (@WBFurburger) July 8, 2017
He looks like he's wondering when his food is going to get there.
— Matt Ziemak (@MattZiemak) July 8, 2017

Some of the comments on Twitter got a little critical.

Also, and truly disheartening, the POTUS sees zero value in talking to other world leaders.
Trump - Making America Irrelevant— Shelby (@shelbeeray) July 8, 2017
Looks like a man without a country.— Erroll Southers (@esouthersHVE) July 8, 2017

The comedic jabs mirroring the irony of the picture continued on in the Twitter post. 

And he's basically just sitting there hearing voices and tweeting about them
— Pam Pettler (@qwertypam) July 8, 2017
This might be the most perfect visual to describe his popularity.— com'on man (@newph) July 8, 2017
he is totally having a flashback to every lunch period in middle school— Christine Anderson (@Massiveotterrav) July 8, 2017

Poor Donnie!