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Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons
Rand Paul Caught Making Faces When Trump Entered Room--And We Can't Even

Though they share the same political party, it's no secret that Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and President Donald Trump have a bit of a complicated history, and an at times contentious relationship.

So when President Trump walked into a press conference on Thursday and greeted seemingly everyone around Senator Paul but ignored him, the awkward close-up of Paul's reaction was priceless. 

Watch for yourself:

Well that's uncomfortable.

While the cameras were rolling to capture the press conference, Senator Paul inadvertently stole the spotlight and Twitter was LIVING for it!

There were gifs...

Let's freeze that reaction, shall we?

It's kind of like...

If only for a moment, Twitter felt solidarity with the Senator:

Take deep breaths Rand, and call Oprah. She can soothe the soul.


H/T : Business Insider, Twitter