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15 Wrong Number Texts That Took A Turn For The WTF

15 Wrong Number Texts That Took A Turn For The WTF
1 month ago

A favorite Twitter genre is "screenshots from wrong numbers." We've probably all gotten one, but they're generally sort of boring. You just say, "Wrong number," and whoever it is disappears, to parts unknown.

If you're lucky, or very unlucky, you will instead get into a conversation with some weirdo who has access to your phone, and fall down a rabbit hole into their crazy life.

Just remember to take screenshots and you might go viral!

When you find out too much about someone's family relations:

When you end up saving someone's life with medical advice:

When you're the shit-stirrer:

When you end up inviting complete strangers to your birthing room:

When someone gets aggressive about their own mistake:

When you're introduced to a new pose for a family portrait:

When you end up being a stranger's caretaker:

When you find someone who has never seen a dog:

When you're the one who is overreacting:

When you end up getting invited to dinner:

When you make someone call their mom:

When someone thinks you're someone else who is extremely freaky:

Sometimes a wrong number can actually lead to some good advice, or in this case, life saving advice!

And then there's this bonus where someone had the right number, but the wrong dude:

Double-check your numbers or have a life of adventure in texts.