Guess what, guys? It's Heterosexual Pride Day, the right wing 'equivalent' to LGBTQ Pride. Apparently, people haven't taken enough away from the LGBTQ community, so it's time take Pride celebrations from them. "Straight pride" marches have actually been around since the nineties, and were started by people who opposed any steps forward for LGBTQ rights.

The whole thing seems pretty tone deaf in the wake of the tragic shootings at Pulse nightclub in Orlando. So, as soon as #HeterosexualPrideDay started trending today, everyone on Twitter had something to say. 

Obviously, Twitter jumped on the opportunity to mock the hell out of the unnecessary 'holiday.'





Just in case you (somehow) need this broken down for you:





We have to wonder what's next... What other 'holidays' could we come up with to offend other marginalized groups?

Do better, world. SMH.