As election results rolled in last night and everyone's blood pressure collectively rose in terror, people sought support and stress relief in a variety of outlets. 

Those of us who chose to commiserate on Twitter, luckily, were rewarded with the best therapy — the soothing words of our first love, J.K. Rowling. The Harry Potter creator has been outspoken throughout the election, and she wasn't about to let bad news on election night stop her from fighting. 

She started off the night by offering some hope for the future. 

...And obliterating some Twitter trolls who stood in her way. 

Becuase this nasty woman doesn't shut up. ~Swoons~

As the terrifying numbers rolled in and a Donald Trump presidency began looking unavoidable, fans turned to Rowling for support. And she delivered. 

Perhaps the only thing that could soften the blow of a Trump presidency is a hug from the 'Harry Potter' creator herself.

She could relate to the political drama, after all, due to the Brexit woes from earlier this year. 

Can we get a 2016 redo?

Seriously, we might have had a complete meltdown without her soothing words. 

Well, to be honest, we already had several meltdowns, but at least we had her soothing advice to guide us through them. 

So, whenever you're consumed by panic and fear for the future of the American experience, just envision a J.K. Rowling hug. 

As she reminded us, survival is going to be a group effort. 

And never forget, destroying trolls is the best medicine. 

In the meantime, let us remember: