If you want to get me to watch a movie, you'll probably succeed by simply telling me Matthew McConaughey is in it. Even when he was in his rom-com cesspool phase, I couldn't help but watch him. Yes, that includes Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past and Failure to Launch. Don't even start talking smack about Fool's Gold because it's surprisingly a decent movie.

I think my obsession with McConaughey has to do with the fact that A Time To Kill was one of my favorite movies growing up, but also because he's just so damn likable. I mean, as a dark-haired, Muslim kid from New Jersey, who didn't want to grow up to be a tall, musclebound, charming Texan?

So whenever McConaughey goes and does something awesome, I can't help but have my bro-love reinforced for the Oscar winner. And when I saw how he's giving back to his alma mater, you can bet I swooned a bit.

The man drove students around late at night to ensure they made it back to their dorm rooms safely.

McConaughey took part in the University of Texas' SURE Walk program, escorting students to ensure they had some safe company on their way home. The program's assigned to prevent sexual assaults and rapes from happening on campus.

SURE's (Students United for Rape Elimination) been a hit on campus and since its inception, the program's banned together with other student organizations to safely transport students across the 40-acre campus.

People loved the fact that McConaughey got behind the steering wheel of a SURE car to drive students around safely.


The program operates from 7 p.m.-2 a.m., and provides both a male and female companion for students, who can request a SURE Walker by phone or email.

Some people questioned why the students weren't more excited to see McConaughey right in front of them (and they're right).


Others are already cursing themselves for missing their chance to meet McConaughey and vowing to use SURE in the future in the hopes of meeting the man himself.

McConaughey was certainly busy this Thanksgiving weekend, in addition to helping out as a SURE Walker, he also volunteered with Meals on Wheels. Turns out he thinks giving back is alright, alright, alright (I'm sorry). (h/t statesman)