It's fair to say that Mike Pence isn't much liked in the LGBT-community. And that hatred is well earned. During his first run for Congress in 2000, Pence advocated for 'conversion therapy' to 'cure' homosexuals. And as governor of Indiana, he signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which many have said allows business owners to discriminate against LGBT people. 

And Pence's new neighbors want to remind him of his duty to protect the rights of every American. Pence recently moved into a house in Chevy Chase, Washington, where he'll remain until moving to the vice president's official residence next year. 

And as you drive the street, it's not Christmas decorations you'll see, it's pride flags. After hearing about her new neighbor, Ilse Heintzen decided to hang a flag from her house in solidarity with her gay friends. 

Heintzen says that she managed to convince a few of the other houses on the street to follow her lead and that the protest is quickly taking off.

According to WJLA, there are roughly a half-dozen pride flags hanging on the block, and many of the residents in houses without flags said they planned on joining in. 

Heintzen described the idea as “a respectful message showing, in my case, my disagreement with some of his thinking. She added: "I have no idea what he will think about, but I hope he will change his mind. This is one way that I can show my disagreement."

Hopefully, this will help get the message across.