If it was up to Paul Ryan, kids wouldn't be allowed any free lunches in schools because, somehow, their souls are at stake if the taxes their parents pay anyway somehow go to meals for their children.

And this may come as a shock for anyone who's been out of school for a while, but hot school lunches in many of our nation's educational institutions aren't a given.

School lunches have been a point of contention for many. For starters, their quality is oftentimes questioned, and there have been plenty of instances where kids were turned away from hot meals because they need to have food balance accounts in order to get a warm midday meal.

Just ask the students at H.W. Good Elementary in Herminie, Pennsylvania.

The school's Principal, Amy Larcinese says that many of the school's students are having difficulty keeping their accounts current for their offered two meals a day.

However, an anonymous donor changed all of that by settling all of the unpaid accounts.

hw good elementary

They even paid a month forward for one child who had an especially high account balance, to ensure that they had meals for the next few weeks. Larcinese has sworn to protect the privacy of the donor, who insisted that they remain anonymous.

How's that for a secret Santa?