The child support payment system in America definitely has its flaws, I mean jailing dads in some states for not making their payments isn't helping anybody except companies that run private prisons.

But people skipping out on supporting children that they had a hand in creating is a serious problem and there are a number of ways of tackling the problem.

Texas' latest law to punish deadbeat parents who try and get away without making their child support payments is especially brutal, because they're not allowed to legally drive a car unless they cough up the dough.

That's right, if you've got outstanding child support payments in the state of Texas, you could be denied registration for your car.


Texas officials announced back in August and started enacting the rule this month, leaving a lot of delinquent child support payers very upset

The Dallas Morning News has reported that the new law does seem to be working.


The Texas Attorney General's office reportedly has collected over $160k in payments since the law's been enacted.

But not everyone is happy with the ruling. Back in August, Harris County tax assessor-collector Mike Sullivan thinks it could pose a problem.

"This is an administrative office. We are now being directed to act as enforcement for the Texas Attorney General and the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles and that concerns me," Sullivan said in an interview with the Houston Chronicle.

Do you think that the new Texas child support law is fair?