We all know the feeling of losing a car in a parking garage. Yes, you were too stupid and lacked the foresight to note where you parked it down in your phone. You were too dumb to even look at what floor or space number you parked at and now you're spending the next few minutes frantically walking up and down each section of the parking garage with your key fob, pressing the alarm button hoping to hear the sound of your car's horn.

It seems like forever, but in reality, it probably only took a few moments of searching.

For this guy, it took six whole months.

And the worst part? It wasn't even his car. He borrowed it from his friend to watch a Stone Roses concert in Scotland.

He put the car in one of the area's many parking garages and then forgot which one he left it in. He spent a whopping five days scouring the area for his friend's wheels before eventually calling it quits.

The car's owner contacted multiple parking garages over several months in addition to reporting it lost or stolen to the police.


The worst part is that the price of the parking ticket once they take the bimmer out of the garage is going to be a nightmare to deal with. In a follow up tweet Manchester City Centre officers estimated the bill will come out to a whopping $6,150. Hopefully the owner of the garage will cut the car owner some slack. (h/t fox8)