Trump divided my family politically, it's true. I don't know why anyone who was born Muslim and is married to a refugee from another country would ever vote for Donald Trump except out of some sick, twisted sense of humor or that they simply got conned. I believe it's a combination of the two but I digress.

The one thing I think that lots of Trump supporters believe about the Donald is that he's a tough guy who's devoid of "liberal BS", despite the fact that he cries and whines whenever a reporter asks him actual questions and has just about as many emotional outbursts as the worst SJWs the web has to offer.

But I think that Trump supporters have found themselves in a real pickle here. They may have to choose a side between two men they never thought would be at odds: one who's actually a successful businessman and total bad-ass, while the other is just someone's who's just really good at talking a big game.

That's right, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald Trump are in a bit of a feud.

It all started with the Donald taking a jab at Arnold by pointing out that The Apprentice ratings weren't as good as when he was on the show. He completely left out the fact that most people didn't watch the show now, probably because they associated the program with one of the most divisive leaders this country has ever elected.

Arnold didn't back down from the tweet and fired back with a classy response, basically begging Trump to grow up for America's sake.


The former governator even went out of his way to upload a video of him quoting Abraham Lincoln and discussing the importance of civic duty.

But hey, who gives a damn about Lincoln, lol, not like his Apprentice ratings were better than Trump's.

Twitter ate up Arnold's response.

It might have to do with the fact that he's talking about actually serving the country and not engaging in petty tweet wars like some angsty teen.

I'm on team Arnold all the way and have been ever since the first time I saw him kicking ass in Red Heat as a kid.