Thanks to good television, we've seen some dramatic scenes leading up to the delivery of a baby  — rushed trips to the hospital, last minute pre-birth love triangles, etc. 

However, these hardly ever play out in real life. Thankfully, giving birth isn't quite as dramatic as Katherine Heigl makes it seem.

....Except for one couple that had the good fortunate of having a baby during a snowstorm. 

Early Sunday morning, Hugh Dawson and his wife Stephanie began driving to Sentara Princess Anne Hospital in Virginia Beach after Stephanie went into labor with their second child — but things did not go according to plan. 


Thanks to icy roads and relentless snow, the 40-minute drive was becoming impossible. 

"We’re not making it to Princess Anne," Stephanie told her husband. 

Just when Hugh took an exit off the highway to find a hospital close by, the couple's truck died. 

So, they flagged down a passing snowplow. 

"I was kind of jumping in the street and making sure that he saw me," Hugh told The Virginian-Pilot

He didn't have much time to explain the situation: "My wife's going into labor," he said. "She's going to have the baby, like, right now. We need a ride to the hospital right there."

While the driver and his colleagues exchanged some nervous glances, Hugh's obvious desperation paid off and he and Stephanie hitched a ride to the nearby Chesapeake Regional Hospital. 

The Dawsons got to the hospital just in time. 

By the time Stephanie (who is, unquestionably, the calmest person in the world) reached the emergency room doors, her contractions were only 90 seconds apart.

Soon after, she gave birth to a baby boy — Brayden. Despite the hectic lead up to his delivery, he's healthy (and surrounded by all of his extended family).  

Unfortunately, the Dawsons don't know who to thank for the emergency ride. 

They never got the name of the snowplow company or the driver who helped them, but they hope to find a way to get in touch. 

"If it wasn’t for the plow, we probably would have been having him in the middle of [the highway] walking here," they said.

....Moral of the story: only give birth in warm climates? (h/t virginian-pilot)