The justice system in the US can be absolutely, positively, insanely stupid sometimes. Rapists can get plea bargains and be on the street in no time. Brock Turner's already out of jail for example after raping a girl behind a dumpster and getting caught in the act. Wells Fargo bankers were found guilty of fraud and got bonuses. Donald Trump evaded paying his taxes and became President of the United States of America.

Meanwhile, this dude got a whopping 22 years in prison after stealing a TV remote.


The heinous crime was committed in August of 2015. The poor remote was just sitting there, defenseless. And Eric Bramwell took advantage of it.

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He burgled it from the common area of an apartment complex in Wheaton, Illinois. Thankfully, police were able to track down this dangerous remote control thief because he got sloppy: he dropped a glove on his way out of the door.

Before you get to thinking that Bramwell got a raw deal you need to understand that he's a serial remote control and TV-set thief.

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He has a criminal record of robbing apartment complexes from their electronics in the past. His history as a hardened robber of all things television eventually landed him 22 years in prison, something State Attorney Robert Berlin seemed all too glad to report.

"Mr Bramwell’s illegal activity and his history have finally caught up with him. Regardless of what was stolen, Mr Bramwell repeatedly thumbed his nose at the law. He took what he wanted, time and time again, and expected to avoid the consequences. That’s not how it works, as Mr Bramwell has now found out."

In Berlin's defense, however, it does seem that he holds everyone accountable to the law's stringent rulings as he does Bramwell. His office did demand Police Officer dash cam footage in a case where an officer was accused of intentionally running over a suspect with a car.

Bramwell was also previously locked up for using profane language in court. He has to serve a minimum of 11 years for his theft.

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For comparison, most rapists in the US only serve 5.4 years in jail. (h/t independent)