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There Was A Pretty Big Difference Between Trump's And Obama's Inaugural Concerts
1 year ago

For the past few weeks, Donald Trump's team have promised that his inauguration would make history. That was despite almost every major artist boycotting the event, leading to Toby Keith and 3 Doors Down being the headliners.

And history was made. But not in the way that Trump had hoped for, because turnout was probably the lowest it's been since the invention of the automobile. Here's what the crowd looked like...

The National Park Service declined to give an official number on how many attended the concert, but MSNBC and other media sources put the number at around 10,000. For reference, Obama's 2009 concert attracted around 400,000 revelers

Here's a comparison of the crowds today and the crowd's at Obama's concert back in 2009.

In fact, if that 10,000 figure is correct, more people attended the 'United We Stand' protest against Trump in New York than attended his concert. Around 25,000 people are believed to have shown up for that event. 

And you better believe that Twitter noticed.

Thankfully, a hero saved the day by doing this...

The turnout for the actual inauguration ceremony isn't expected to be quite as low, because Obama will be there to draw in the crowds.