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Betsy DeVos Learned The Hard Way Why You Don't Ask Stupid Questions On Twitter

Betsy DeVos, despite being one of the most opposed Secretaries of Education in history, and having a horrible track record in Michigan's failing school district, and completely botching her senate interviews for the position, was the first ever Secretary of Education to earn the position via tie-breaker by a vice president. 

DeVos faced not only a lot of opposition from Democrats, but some Republican Senators voted against her as well, not to mention the large public outcry, constant calls, and social media campaigns against her being selected for the position. 

She was even physically blocked by protesters from entering a D.C. public school today.

It's quite possible she's the most controversial Secretary of Education pick the United States has ever had, so when she took to Twitter to try and make an inspiring/lighthearted Facebook post about getting on the job of making America's education great again, well, Twitter did what it did best. 

It roasted her mercilessly for it.
I mean, we're talking super merciless.
She's never going to live that bear comment down, now is she?