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Germany Just Legalized Same-Sex Marriage And People Are Thrilled For Good News

2017 isn't even half over and it's already felt like a pretty rough year. Frankly, we're all starved for good news, and some has finally come. Germany's Parliament just voted to legalize same-sex marriage in a total landslide. And they got in in before Pride Month ended!

BuzzFeed News reports that the bill legalizing same-sex marriage, which will grant full marital rights to gay and lesbian couples and allow them to adopt children, passed with a vote of  393 votes to 226. A lot of conservative MPs voted in favor of the bill. Unfortunately, Chancellor Angela Merkel voted against the change, citing her personal beliefs, but it seems like she has accepted the decision of Parliament.

β€œFor me, marriage as it’s meant in the constitution is marriage between a man and a woman, and that’s why I voted against today," Merkel said after the vote. "It was a long, intense, and emotionally touching debate. That’s true for me personally as well. That’s why I hope that with this vote we were able to create not only mutual respect between the different positions, but also a bit more peace and unity in society.”

In fact, Merkel has long resisted allowing a vote on the issue to take place at all, but she was recently invited to have dinner at the house of a lesbian couple who were fostering eight children. Merkel was so moved by their work, she made comments about how gay couples should be allowed to adopt, which other politicians used to force the matter into a vote this week before the Parliamentary session ended.

Now, we celebrate:

Welcome to the right side of history, indeed. We're all clinging to it as hard as we can!