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NPR Tweeted The Declaration Of Independence And Trump Supporters Lost Their Minds

How did you spend the Fourth of July? Grilling? Watching fireworks? If you're a Trump supporter, you might have spent the day raging out at NPR for tweeting the entire Declaration of Independence, which is the basis for the holiday. Most people don't know it by heart, so when it's broken up into a bazillion tweets seen out of context, you can understand why some people might not immediately recognize it:

But some people didn't catch on by the time they got to these famous lines:

The responses to NPR's tweets are a mix of people celebrating this show of patriotism, people criticizing the founding fathers for saying "all men are created equal" while owning slaves, people demanding a rewrite that reads "all men and women," and finally, a very special group of people who were absolutely sure that NPR was calling for a modern day revolution and criticizing their precious president. 

The Huffington Post reports that a lot of these people have since deleted their tweets, or entire Twitter accounts, but lots of people gleefully screenshot their reactions to share for eternity:

At least one guy backtracked by saying he'd gone through a painful learning experience:

Hey, I respect that. Getting completely owned on Twitter is not easy to come through.