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A Girl Scout Is In Trouble For Where She Did Her Cookie Business

A Girl Scout Is In Trouble For Where She Did Her Cookie Business
Updated 3 months ago

Ah, the Girl Scouts. Such a wholesome bit of Americana, empowering girls to make a difference and learn useful skills within their community. Plus, they gain business acumen through the sale of delicious cookies. But there's one Girl Scout who has more to teach us than she has to learn.

WSBTV reports that a 9-year-old Girl Scout in California sold 312 boxes of her cookies in just a few hours on Super Bowl weekend. What's her secret? She and her dad parked outside a weed dispensary. You know the people coming out of there are looking for snacks. The dispensary, Urbn Leaf, even posted a photo of the goods on their Instagram:

People flocked to buy:

A spokesperson for the Girl Scouts says that it isn't against the rules for the cookie sellers to set up booths outside of businesses with the business's permission—but no, the weed dispensary was not approved as a cookie hotspot.

A lot of people are giving this young lady a virtual high five:

But there's always someone who wants to harsh your buzz.

Because of the viral attention, CBS News says they're not investigating the sales. According to the Denver Channel, Girl Scouts have technical time period for when they can set up their booths, and she was a week early in a commercial area. They are technically allowed to sell from a wagon with a parent or guardian present, which the Scout's dad says is what they were up to—everything was in a rolling cart.

"So if that's what they say they were doing ... then they were right within the rules," he said.

In another interview, a Scout leader said that it may have been Super Bowl Sunday that spurred sales, since people are craving snacks for the big game, not just their small bowl.

Folks seem to think that even if she technically broke the rules, she stayed true to the spirit of innovation:

It would be tricky for the Girl Scouts to condemn this partnership with Urbn Leaf without exposing their hypocrisy, or at least admitting their problem seems to be with the weed, not booth versus cart.

Hopefully, she'll get to keep her sales accomplishment, as most people seem to think she should. Ninety-three percent of the folks who responded to this poll chose "GENIUS marketing!"

I dunno about you, but this story has given me the munchies.