According to CBC , Mark and Star King rented their northwest Calgary home to four adults who were in town for a wedding over the weekend.

After just a day, Star began receiving texts from neighbors about excessive noise and the police being called to the home multiple times. There were also reports of a party bus with nearly a 100 people arriving and using the house.

The couple returned home after barely three days to find their home in ruins.


It's estimated that $50,000 - $75,000 worth of damage was done by the renters.


Cops described the scene as a "drug induced orgy" with the worst destruction they had ever seen from a party.


The damage ranged from broken furniture to warped hardwood floors from large pools of liquids that were spilled on them.


" They just put their cigarettes out wherever they felt like it" Star King told CTV news.


'We came and wished the home was burnt down to ashes. It would have felt way better.'


According to the Kings, they had to beg the tenants to leave because the were still drunk from their weekend of hardcore destruction and refused to leave the house.

The Kings recorded a video walk through highlights even more of the damages.

Source: Misty Hamel


Airbnb released a statement saying they have suspended all four of the renters' accounts and banned them from using the website again. The cops are still trying to locate the man who initially rented to property to charge him with mischief for the damages done.



Source: CBC

Source: CBC