1. They take thought and effort.

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Writing a letter to someone takes more effort than sending a text, gchat, or shooting off a quick email.  There are no emoticons to describe what you're feeling, you actually have to use your words. And words are pretty incredible.

2. Letters are a part of history.

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The first recorded handwritten letter was around 500BC.  Atossa, a Persian Queen, used leaves and bark for her message.

3. The latest technology is not needed.

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You don't need the latest computer, pad or phone to to write a letter. All you need is paper, pen, and an address. And of-course a stamp.

4. They can be saved, treasured, and re-read

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Letters cannot be deleted. Once they're mailed it's out there in the universe. They can be saved and re-read for years to come.

5. Handwriting is personal.

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Handwriting can tell a lot about the characteristics about a person.  The (often debated) study of graphology claims that characteristics and patterns of handwriting can indicate the state of the writer at the time of writing and evaluate personality characteristics.

6. Personal mail is declining.

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Most items you receive in the mail are from businesses (aka bills) or government issued.  Letter writing first started to really take off once the printing press was invented. With the increase of books, literacy rates rose. Now with email, texting, and phones, personal mail is declining. What are you waiting for? Write to someone!

7. If you write a letter to someone, they might write you one back.

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How fun would that be?  It's actually proper etiquette to write back to someone who has sent you a letter.

When was the last time you received a hand-written letter?

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If you can't think of an answer to that question, there's only one thing you should do now: Get writing!