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Wedding Officiant Vomits Right In The Middle Of The Bride And Groom's Vows

Weddings are presented as the most important day in people's lives. Personally, I would argue that when the Expendables 2 movie finally dropped was equally important, but that's just me.

Since these ceremonies are super special, and held in such high regard, people expect them to be magical. Flowers floating everywhere. World-class photographers. DJ's who don't hold one part of a headphone to their ear while pretending to live mix the songs they're playing.

You definitely don't want anything dampening the mood and killing everyone's vibe on such a momentous occasion.

So it's a good thing this woman officiating the wedding didn't vomit as the couple delivered their vows. Oh wait, never mind, she totally did.

I mean, were the vows that bad? Were the words that corny and overused?

But let's take a minute and give props to the woman in the bridal party who looked like a surprised Taylor Swift after the minister spewed chunks.

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The couple briefly stopped delivering their vows after watching the officiant barf her brains out, but only briefly. Then they went right back to the ceremony. That's what I call matrimonial conviction.