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Twitter Just Noticed Something Odd On Melania's Birthday Card To Donald
10 months ago

President Trump got a number of birthday shoutouts on Twitter this week, but none stood out more than the casual greeting he received from his wife, Melania.


Not only did she wait until a leisurely 10pm to tweet his birthday greeting, but the card she posted contained a suspicious orange smudge.


Seriously, what IS that thing?

Fortunately, Twitter had plenty of theories.

The theories kept coming:

And coming:

But let's be honest, we all know what that gross smudge REALLY is...

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory.

But maybe the Trumps are just bad at birthdays. Let's not forget the birthday tweet President Trump sent to his wife back in April. You know, the one with the American flag that only had 39 stars?


H/T: ExpressTwitterIndy100