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Fake Reporter Stuck In A Hurricane Video Has The Internet Rolling With Laughter

Miami largely dodged a bullet over the weekend when the trajectory of Hurricane Irma shifted west at the last minute. 

So while many Floridians were fleeing the storm or hunkering down in their homes, one family just outside Miami decided to have a little fun by recording a parody video of a news report from the heart of the storm. 

And it had Twitter cracking up.

Some felt it was a typical response for folks in that area.

But wait, what's that in his hand...?

Umm, no...

This is a family show, after all.

And speaking of the kids...

Others wanted to make sure the family was safe as well...

...and even got a response...

What better way to lighten the mood than with a little fun and laughter?

H/T-   Twitter