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A customer picks bra at a store on September 6, 2005 in Guangzhou of Guangdong Province, China. China and the European Union (EU) reached an agreement on September 5 to resolve the stockpiles of Chinese textile products held at EU borders. The agreement will allow some 77 million textile products, including sweaters, trousers, T-shirts and bras, to enter the European market. (Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)
Women Have Been Wearing Bras Incorrectly, And Twitter Is Floored

The things we jump into without reading the instructions first: building Ikea furniture, tests in college, putting on bras...

Whoa, wait a second. What?!

The woman who found the tag, Brittany Packnett, was shook:

But the internet quickly stepped up to let her know she wasn't alone:

Brittany was grateful for the support:

We are still confused about this new information. How many people have been putting on bras wrong this whole time?

H/T: Twitter