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Katy Perry Made An Offensive Comment About President Obama, And Twitter Is Letting Her Have It
12 months ago

Social media can easily get its feelings hurt.

Katy Perry is finding this out the hard way, after making an insensitive comment during and Instagram live session.


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In the video, Perry, who has a new haircut that many are finding unappealing, says in an annoyed voice, "Ohhh, someone says 'I miss your old black hair'," before quipping "Oh, do you miss Barack Obama as well? Okay, times change. Bye."

While Perry probably meant the dig as a joke, seeing as she was a staunch supporter of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, she should know that social media doesn't really respond well to nuance.

The backlash on Twitter was immediate:

People were quick to point out that, yes, they DO miss Obama:

And, also, that the "joke" had racial undertones:

Others didn't know quite what to say:

Or were simply disgusted:

But karma does seem to have a way of working things out.