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Sean Spicer Just Had His First Press Conference Since Coming Back, And It Didn't Go So Well

After two weeks without a press conference, Sean Spicer was back for a briefing on Tuesday.

But not for very long.

The briefing was over after just fifteen minutes, enough time for Spicer to gush about Trump's overseas trip, and to answer (or evade, more accurately) a few questions about climate change, Jared Kushner's role in the Russia probe, and, of course, "fake news."

Appearing irritated and visibly sweaty, Spicer quickly got fed up with the line of questioning, and soon bolted from the stage with a chorus of reporters yelling his name, as has become all too familiar.

Many thought Spicer might be refreshed and refocused after his trip away from the country with the President. But the press conference only solidified in many minds that the Trump administration is in turmoil.

Some have speculated that Spicer's role as press secretary might be diminishing in the coming days, amid various shakeups in the Trump White House, including the resignation this morning of communications director Mike Dubke.

Twitter found the whole debacle hilariously cringe-worthy:

The GIFs came pouring in:

It can't be easy always being the punchline on Twitter.

But it certainly gives people something to look forward to.