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Trump Just Blamed Democrats For An Issue With His White House--And Got Caught Lying

Donald Trump lashed out at Democrats on Monday.

After watching a "Fox and Friends" segment in which Lewis Lukens, the acting U.S. ambassador to the U.K., praised London mayor Sadiq Khan after the terror attacks Saturday, Trump took to Twitter to express his displeasure:

There's only one small problem with Trump's complaint: he's only nominated a handful of ambassadors since taking office.

According to the Huffington Post, the only confirmed ambassadors include those serving in China, Israel, and the United Nations, as well as a few career foreign service officials for ambassadorships in Africa.

In addition, an ambassador to New Zealand is expected to be confirmed by the senate, while nominations for ambassadors to the Bahamas, Japan, and the Vatican all await the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Sean Bartlett, a spokesman for Sen. Ben Cardin, the ranking Democrat on the committee, said, "The president’s statement is not accurate. The president should get off Twitter and lead his team in sending more ambassadors and other crucial nominees to the Senate."

Twitter pointed out Trump's folly as well:

What does 160 vacancies look like? Maybe this will help:

And that's just ambassadors. This tweet puts into better perspective just how few of the key positions Trump has filled:

And for some, there was something more disturbing: