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Sean Spicer And Kellyanne Conway Just Completely Contradicted Each Other

Everyone knows that Donald Trump loves Twitter.

White House officials, however, have differed on whether or not his tweets constitute official statements.

Kellyanne Conway made fun of reporters on Monday's Today Show for paying too much attention to Trump's tweets and not his actions as President.

However, on Tuesday morning, not even 24 hours later, Sean Spicer basically negated Conway.

Asked during the morning press briefing if Trump's tweets should be considered official White House statements, Spicer responded:

"Well, the President's the President of the United States, so they're considered official statements by the President of the United States."

Twitter couldn't help but notice the contradiction:

Trump doubled down on his love of social media after media outlets started treating his posts as policy, tweeting:

So, Spicer's assertion just made things even more confusing for some:

It even had some speculating:

So it looks like that Twitter bot that turns Trump's tweets into official statements already knew something we didn't.