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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Just Shared A Bizarre Tweet, And No One Knows What It Means

Ours is a truly blessed universe. So soon after the world was rocked by 'Covfefe,' White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has graced us with this unforgettable gem of a tweet:

An hour or so after it went up, Sarah offered an explanation:

But it was too late! Twitter had already sunk its teeth in:

Of course, under current White House policy, strange tweets don't need to be explained:

Many Twitter users couldn't help but compare the new tweet to an old favorite:

There was plenty of snark to go around:

Some users took it more seriously than others:

Accident or not, Sarah Huckabee Sanders' tweet has already brought joy to millions. Thank you for whatever lack of oversight and security allowed your son to post this tweet and then let it stay up for an hour without it being noticed! Most users agree, it plays a special role in the administration: