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Fox News Put The Wrong Words On Screen Next To Trump, And Now Twitter Is Making Him Pay

9 months ago

You know things are going badly when the staunchly conservative Fox News Channel is throwing shade at the Republican President. 

On Tuesday, following the failure of the Senate's Obamacare replacement plan before it even made it to the floor for a vote, President Trump made a public statement, which was covered by the major news outlets. Fox News summed up that statement with a particularly brutal onscreen graphic:

Twitter was both surprised and amused:

The situation brought to mind a classic presidential quote:

Any Arrested Development fans out there?

Most people seemed to agree:

As you might expect, Fox News followed its Twitter shade with its standard, pro-Trump fare, but one wonders, if the network is beginning to grow frustrated with the administration's lack of achievements, perhaps many Trump supporters across the nation are as well.