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Man Has Intriguing Theory For Why Trump Tweets Certain Words In Quotes

We all know Trump loves Twitter.

And while the tweets almost always tend to make headlines, there's one aspect of some of Trump's tweets that has boggled the minds of many Twitter users: the seemingly random quotation marks that Trump puts around words.

Here are a couple of examples:

But what if the words in quotes weren't actually random at all?

One Twitter user has a mind-blowing theory:

Let's take a closer look at those words in quotes:

In case the joke went over your head, the words in quotes are the opening lyrics of the 1999 hit song "All Star," by Smash Mouth.

While the tweets are real, Twitter hero @DannyPage photoshopped them to put quotes around the words needed to complete the song lyrics.

Pretty impressive.

Not everyone on Twitter got it:

But those who did were truly impressed.

Well, most of them.

Perhaps Trump and Smash Mouth have been working together this whole time to raise awareness of a greater issue.

Consider your mind blown.