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Senator Ironically Gets the Last Word In After Trump Insulted And Threatened Her

Trump loves himself a scapegoat.

Our Tweeter-in-Chief recently took out his anger about the failed Obamacare repeal effort in late July on Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski.

... despite the fact that two other Republican senators also voted down the motion, including Susan Collins (R-ME) and John McCain (R-AZ).

Murkowski responded politely, at first.

She reportedly told CNN: ""My vote yesterday was from my heart for the people that I represent.  I'm going to continue working hard for Alaskans and focus on that."

However, just before the Senate went into August recess, Murkowski closed business by an announcement that the Senate would hold pro-forma sessions periodically over the course of the recess.  Pro-forma sessions are procedural motions that prevent the Executive branch from appointing anyone during the recess month to a position that would require confirmation by the Senate.

Bam, Trump.

This is a pretty solid block imposed by the Senate which will seriously undercut Trump's authority over the next month.  Murkowski has denied any vindictive intent:

And it seems like the pro-forma sessions are coming from a fear that Trump will follow through on his plans to fire Jeff Sessions, which the Senate believe will obstruct the Moscow investigation.

The sessions mean that, on each of the above dates, one Republican senator will have to show up to preside over himself, and then leave.

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