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Racist Who Rallied In Charlottesville Complains About All The Hate He’s Receiving

As white supremacists continue to face backlash after the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville more than a week ago, one participant is opening up about how it's affected him.

18-year-old Nicholas Fuentes of Illinois has complained about the 15 death threats he's received since the deadly protest, ultimately causing him to drop out of Boston University, where he was supposed to be entering his sophomore year.

In a video for Time, Fuentes talks about the "level of hate" he's been subjected to: 

Acknowledging that Boston is "among the most left-wing" cities, Fuentes has said he's looking to enroll at Auburn University in Alabama. "I really like the architecture and some of the programs there," he said. "I think I will be happy there and I will be safe. It's solidly red territory."

Some found Fuentes's own ethnic background a bit ironic for a white supremacist.

And others questioned why he was given a platform to speak at all.

But hey, if Auburn University doesn't work out, there are other places Fuentes could look into:

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