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Woman Shares Upsetting Graph That Shows Why Labor Day Doesn’t Mean Anything

Labor Day may have started as a celebration of the American laborer and their massive contributions to the socio-economic structure of this country, as well as an acknowledgment of all the exploited men, women, and children who've never been protected by labor laws, but it's hard to argue that the holiday now holds as much significance as some pretend.

That's because the past few years have seen lower and middle class families see less and less economic growth while the top one percent's earnings are skyrocketing. The wage gap between the rich and not-even-close-to-being-rich is getting larger and larger each year.

Twitter user @ButtPraxis posted this handy-dandy chart that shows a pretty direct correlation to the drop in union memberships and income shares going to the top 10 percent.

Others chimed in, providing their own evidence that the lack of union membership as having a serious effect on the distribution of wealth in the US.

Of course, by merely posting a criticism of the current state of the economy, people started chiming in with their thoughts on capitalism.

It also started a discussion on how unions should operate.

While others provided a laundry list of all the things 'you should thank a union' for.

How was your Labor Day?