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Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images, twitter
Steve Bannon Wore Two Button Down Shirts At The Same Time, And Twitter Is Confused

The way Steve Bannon wears a shirt, or shirts, for public appearances is raising eyebrows.

Is the former White House chief strategist trying to start a fashion trend? Or does he need comfort from a particularly chilly reception?


It's evident that Bannon likes to unconventionally layer up. His zany sartorial choice is a frequent occurrence.

Here he is during an election night event back in November 2016, donned in his finest T-shirt under polo shirt, under a button-down oxford, under a sports coat look.

You know, like you do.

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Twitter can't figure him out. But they gave it a shot anyway.

Turns out, this is an actual look! He's aspiring to emulate this fashion forward trend, one collar at a time.

But even though we question Bannon's fashion choice, here's hoping he doesn't go to the other extreme...

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