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Girl Caught Cheating When Her Boyfriend Noticed Something Off About Her Sexts

Sexts are always awesome. 

Finding out your girlfriend is cheating on you in said sexts, is not. And I'm not talking about her sending you explicit sexts of her with another person. I'm talking about being clever enough to spot odd little details in said dirty text messages that don't just add up. 

Which is exactly what happened with this dude whose girlfriend was away on a business trip when he caught her sending him naughty photos.

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Things start off innocently enough with her telling her BF that her flight was late and she was going to take a shower. 

The only problem was: she was sending them from her boss' hotel room.

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Jackie was dumb enough to get careless and snap a photo that included the edge of a suitcase in the pic. There's a problem though: that suitcase doesn't belong to her. 

 It turns out her attempt at putting his trust issues at ease by sexting him completely backfired.

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She slips up by telling him to call her room number. Of course he doesn't trust her after seeing that unknown suitcase, so he decides to try a different approach. 

And he catches her. Red. Freaking. Handed.

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The guy used his righteous indignation to drop his cheating girlfriend like a bad habit.

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The worst part is that Jackie gives no response to her boyfriend after he drops the hammer of truth on her. It turns out it's just a crappy day for cheaters everywhere, just ask this dude who used a drone to find evidence of his wife's affair.