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Twitter Comedian Slams Men With Emotional Baggage, And People Lost It

Good Twitter is when someone makes an observation in less than 140 characters that makes you sit up and yell, "TRUUUUUUUUUE." Twitter user Sniper posted this screengrab from Game of Thrones of the Hound laboring down the street with a giant box, captioning it, "How 27 year old men walk into relationships with emotional baggage from when they got cheated on when they were 12."


Sadly, boys aren't given as many tools to process their feelings as young people, and they carry the heartbreak of middle school like a big ole heavy crate on their back for far too long into adulthood. Or at least that's what a lot of people seemed to concur:

There aren't too many dudes getting offended by this wild accusation, and those that have responded are focusing on what's not accurate about Sniper's accusation:

And at least one person showed up with receipts:

It's okay, dudes. You're safe. She's moved on since homeroom, and so should you. Set down your burden.