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This Instagram Lists All The Reasons People's Relationships Ended

This Instagram Lists All The Reasons People's Relationships Ended
Updated 4 months ago

If there's one thing that humans have proven in the annals of dating history is that we have a long and storied career of messing it up.

Chalk it up to being nervous, getting too comfortable, terrible first impressions, being too open, being too secretive, or trying to just be someone you're not - there's a slew of reasons for romantic relationships not going the distance.

And although matters of the heart are extremely trying for the parties involved, that doesn't mean other people can't find them humorous. Something that the Instagram account, Reasons We're Not Dating, highlights.

The posts sometimes come with mini stories that provide a bit more context as to why a particular relationship ended.

Or relationships that never began in the first place.

Some of them are a bit more disturbing than others.

While others were just classic tales of miscommunication and being too earnest.

Some aren't really that funny at all.

But comedy's a lot like garbage: one person's trash is another's treasure. And I can't help but laugh at some of these.

This one is pretty self explanatory... #racetothefinish #2minuteman #datingfail

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The last one is probably the craziest, I mean, Jon Snow anyone? Hello?!