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Women Are Sick Of Hearing This Insulting Advice On How To Attract Men

Women Are Sick Of Hearing This Insulting Advice On How To Attract Men
4 weeks ago

Ross Butler is one of the young stars of Netflix's hit series 13 Reasons Why. According to a new interview with Cosmopolitan, Butler didn't start dating until his mid-twenties, but one of the quotes he gave has people wondering if he should have either started sooner or waited a long, long time.

To be fair, Butler was asked for his advice to women on how they should get to know a guy, which seems like the kind of question that should have been retired with corsets and petticoats. But his answer was less than satisfactory.

“The way to a guy’s heart is through his hobbies." said Butler. "Find out what he’s passionate about, and if you really love him, get into it too. If I meet a girl who can talk video games, guitar, cooking, or good books, it’s a huge turn-on. And lots of guys like to teach, so if you can get hands-on with learning it, I’m telling you, you’ll get there.”

This annoyed some women:

The ladies agreed that it was common to hear they should invest in men's hobbies, but men are rarely advised to do the opposite.

Others were pretty annoyed by Butler's list; these are all things they're interested in because they're truly interested, not because they're trying to impress a boy:

And everyone got a laugh at his "teaching" comment. Yes, we know men love to "teach."

And some women said they'd tried! They'd tried investing in men's hobbies and it only lead to heartache:

Let's just all try to support each other's interests in relationships. Besides, you need alone time when you're dating someone, too. I would personally hate for a man to get invested in my skincare routine and steal all my expensive serums. Get your own, dude!