In a way, it makes sense. A guy sits down at his phone and decides to make a Tinder account with one goal in mind: Impress women, meet them, and hopefully have sex with them. So he thinks to himself, "What do chicks dig? They like puppies, so maybe I'll put a pic of one of those on here. Oh, and they seem to be into that whole 'feminism' thing lately, so why don't I say I'm into that too?"

But here's the thing: Bragging about the simple fact that you believe the genders are equal is extremely silly. It's like announcing "I'm not a racist, just in case you were wondering!" on your profile. One blog is out to drive that point home by highlighting these "feminist" lads just as they are. Created by comedian Lane Moore, "Male Feminists of Tinder" is an ode to the braggarts that make online dating all that more ridiculous.

Distractify caught up with Moore to talk to her about her project and find out how men can avoid being one of these unfortunate souls on her blog. 




First of all, I'm sure there are some men reading this that think "Oh God, I can't be a feminist now either? HOW CAN I WIN?" To them, how can you explain the difference between doing things right and ending up on this blog?

Lane Moore: I think a lot of these guys are well-intentioned, but putting "feminist" in your profile is kind of like telling someone you just met that you're really nice. It's better to just be really nice. The feminist guys I know might not tell you when they meet you that they're feminists, but you know that they're feminists based on the way they talk to you and treat you. That's so much better than making a point of it like, "I DON'T HATE WOMEN FYI." 




What inspired you to start the "Male Feminists of Tinder" project?

LM: I spend so much time on Tinder, man. I have a comedy show called Tinder LIVE that I've been doing for a few years, so I started seeing a lot of these guys. Some of them don't even straight up say "feminist" in their profile but it'll still say something like, "I believe women should rule the world and my mom raised me to worship them," which always seemed a little intense to me. I posted one of the photos I found on Twitter and people got so excited about it and then started sending me some profiles they'd seen too. I created the site that same night.






Are there any other ways to spot an obnoxious *male feminist* like the ones on your blog when you're in the real world, outside of Tinder?

LM: Oh, believe me, they'll tell you.




For more male feminist goodness, check out the blog here. Catch up with Lane Moore on her Twitter, or see her use Tinder live at the Bell House in Brooklyn, NY on Thursday, January 7th.