As a gym bro who goes to a workout establishment frequented by young men, I'm usually subjected to side conversations where said man-children lament over the women who refuse to have sex with them after they "dropped x amount of dollars" on drinks.

And look, I get it. These guys have been brainwashed into thinking that their only worth in society is how much they can lift and how many inebriated women they can hoodwink into f*cking them. So of course if they abide by the "rules" of the game, they expect to get laid. Doesn't mean that they're not idiots.

For the longest time, however, I thought that it was pretty much only men who thought this way. But it turns out I was wrong.

Like this woman who was pissed off when her date didn't put out after she went through all the trouble of shaving her legs. Warning: NSFW language.

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The messages were originally shared by a one Gabriel Wilson, who posted a video, responding to the viral fame his post attained, along with the gender issues regarding sex, sexual abuse, and dating that are popping up online as a result of the texts.

Just goes to show, no matter the gender, you can throw a temper tantrum when you're expecting sex and don't get it. Don't be like smooth-legs here, people and think sexy time is a given, because it's not.

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